Karmrahyut Reserve 2014

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Our distinguished vineyard proudly introduces an exceptional Karmrahyut wine, meticulously crafted with devoted care and precision.

The nose is immediately captivated by the wine's enchanting aromas, rich and expressive. The intricate character of this Karmrahyut gracefully unfolds, revealing layers of cranberries, cherries, and plums that dance harmoniously together. Delicate notes of rose petals weave through the bouquet, adding an elegant touch to the aromatic symphony. Subtle whispers of white pepper and cinnamon contribute to a delightful complexity, enriching the sensory experience.

On the palate, this wine showcases its full-bodied nature, delivering a truly indulgent sensation. The richness is accompanied by a deep fruit core that unfolds with each sip, inviting the taste buds to explore its depths. The interplay of flavors is expertly complemented by a mineral essence, framing the fruit profile and adding depth and sophistication to the wine's character.

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